I’m a phoenix in the water a fish that’s learnt to fly and i’ve always been a daughter but feathers are meant for the sky
P.S. i used to be diamond-lady :) <3

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Happy birthday <3

Amila my sweetheart , thank you so much <3 <3 

finally 18 &#8230; and so thankful .. thankful for my family , friends that got out of their beds early in the morning to come and wish my a happy birthday &#8230; thankful for you guys that have made my 3 years on tumblr unforgettable &#8230; and as an exception i can say that i am one of the happiest among humans today 
Happy bday lovely asked by arunnai

Thank you so much Fran , you wonderful human !! 
I hope you have a lovely day cupcake !! <3 xx

Happy birthday Vic!!! I hope you have a wonderful day xxxx asked by kettlechipss

Holly my dear , you make me happy and you make me smile and thank you for your wishes <3 It means a lot :* :* xx

Happy Birthday Victoria you wonderful specimen asked by takeourvoicesaway

Tom thank you so so much !! Let me hug youu !!! 

<3 xx

happy birthday vic! xxx asked by leucanthus

Neneh you wonderful piece of sunshine , thank you so much <3 

You made my day !!! xxxx

wow … i’m 18 … guess who’s the adult now :D



I felt like writing a song today and this is what came out, it somehow means a lot to me. I hope you like it, even tho it’s kinda long ♡

basically avy is perfect